Rocky Mountain Snowkite Riot

Rocky Mountain Snowkite Riot

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THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN SNOWKITE RIOT is a long distance competition, where kiters were set to cover a large span of Sylvan Lake. KAILANI Sports is a proud key sponsor of this amazing event.

Sylvan Lake welcomed a sky full of colourful kites with participants visiting from across the province for an action-packed day at the first annual Rocky Mountain Snowkite Riot March 5.

Competitors covered 50 kms, two gates, and three laps in a regatta-style race experiencing some of the best of Canadian Rockies, shared event website.

“It’s nice to see the whole kiting community coming out for this and I’m a little nervous because I don’t know what to expect being my first time,” said Christine Roger, adding, “We are all here mostly to have fun, not too competitive.”

The event offered a first snow kite race experience for Roger, who was excitedly nervous to glide across Sylvan Lake. After kiteboarding for five years, Roger set her eyes upon snow kiting last year which she says has been an experience worthwhile.

Snowkiting is an exciting sport once a person gets the hang of it, says Roger. “I’ve met people in their 70’s and 80’s still flying kites and people as young as five years old.”


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