Hoover Hays Memorial Steer Wrestling Jackpot

Hoover Hays Memorial Steer Wrestling Jackpot

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If ever there was a ‘larger than life’ character in pro rodeo, it was Hoover Hays. This well-known steer wrestler, who made his home in Rocky Mountain House, was a friend to all. That was evident when he was given the prestigious honor of Cowboy of the Year by his peers in 2013. 

He was also a regular at the Calgary Stampede, and was thrilled to be presented with the Guy Weadick Award in 2000, an honor which is given to a cowboy who best exemplifies the spirit of the Stampede.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Corpus Christi, Texas, or Luxton, British Columbia, mention the name ‘Hoover’ and people know who you’re talking about. If you’re at a rodeo and you need a truck, Hoover would give you his and find a way to get home.

The best of the best showed their skills this weekend at the Hoover Hays Steer Wrestling Jackpot at Dogpound Alberta Stampede Rodeo Grounds. Thank you to the volunteers and organizers and outstanding cowboys at The Hoover Hays Steer Wrestling Jackpot for a fantastic Weekend. KAILANI was honoured to participate as a sponsor. Congratulations to the 1st place @tanner_milan , 2nd place Harley Cole and 3rd place to @bryn_roy16 with each competitor taking home a new KAILANI Shaka50 Cooler and splitting the $17,500 jackpot purse.


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