Tallon Unger

Tallon Unger

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Race Highlights:

2020 Results

  • Competed in and raced all 9 rounds of the Rockstar triple crown 250 pro mx Series.
  • Placed 18th overall for the series and earned #44 nationally.
  • Best finish was 8th.
  • Earned 50 points.

2019 Results

  • Competed in all 8 Rockstar Triple Crown Mx Nationals
  • Qualified for 6 out of 8 rounds
  • Earned 13 pro points
  • Best finish was 22nd place

2018 Results

  • Multiple wins in the Intermediate Mx2/3 classes in the AMSA Mx series.
  • Mx3 Open Champion at the Calgary Rockstar Amateur open
  • Mx2 2nd place overall at the Calgary Rockstar Amateur open
  • Qualified for 3 of the Rockstar Triple Crown Pro Mx nationals
  • Qualified 7th fastest at the Prince George Pro National and finished 13th in the first moto
  • Finished 1st overall at the Austin Mb sand race, in the modern two stroke class

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