About Us


Born out of passion for great design, quality and uncompromising value for our consumers. We create functional and innovative products to compliment your outdoor lifestyle.

Behind the brand


In 2019 we founded KAILANI Sports, with the intention of becoming a Premier Stand Up Paddleboarding Company. The roots of paddleboarding originated in the early 1900’s, in and around Hawaii and the Polynesian Islands, so the name was fitting, with its Hawaiian meaning “Sea and Sky”. As with many companies, an evolution began in what we wanted to accomplish, and that got us thinking about other product lines that compliment the outdoors, and the beach and summer lifestyle, which led us to think about the Premium Cooler Segment.

We set out wanting to deliver a more affordable version, that didn’t sacrifice quality or performance in any way.

Like many others, we are just everyday people who work hard for our money and ultimately, we didn’t see value in the extremely high-priced Cooler products that the “BIG BRAND” marketed. We set out wanting to deliver a more affordable version, that didn’t sacrifice quality or performance in any way. The KAILANI Cooler was born. We struggled with spending "BIG" money on expensive marketing, only to raise the price to the end user. Our goal was to build a Brand, known for high quality, great performance and without the "BIG" price tag.

In 2020, after buying a new trailer, wrapping it with the KAILANI Logo, and filling it with Coolers in 3 different sizes and 5 colors, one man set out offering KAILANI cooler products at local venues, setting up pop-up tents and selling them to consumers right there, on busy street corners and delivering them right to consumers doors, simply by using Facebook Marketplace to attract customers. After much success, we decided it was time to look for retail partners that wanted to sell the KAILANI Brand of Products to consumers and take what started with “one man out of a garage” and turn it into a real business.

Today, KAILANI has expanded and began designing and manufacturing a soft cooler product line, for those that want a lighter, more portable option, along with an incredible drinkware line, that once again, provides great value for the consumer, and a competitive product to the big brand in our industry.


Innovation, functionality, great design and value to customers is what drives ongoing development of new patented product. If you agree with this mindset, we invite you to take part in our story.